The difference between PVC board and KT board

Recently, customers often call for knowledge about PVC Board and KT Board. Many customers want to know the difference between the two. Today, I will know this kind of board from the introduction, use, specifications and price of PVC board, and analyze the differences betweenPVC board and KT board in details

BothPVC boards and KT boards have been widely used in the advertising industry, and due to their natural properties, they have brought more perfect practicality. Whether cutting or ink printing, it can be processed. Now that many cities have opened subway lines, advertising is naturally indispensable. This kind of material is more fully utilized and also brings better advertising effect.

The KT board is relatively soft and cannot print the picture directly on the board. It must be written or sprayed. The color of the picture printed by PVC board will not fade for a long time. It is suitable for corporate culture walls, product exhibition boards and other high-grade advertisements. The KT board is prone to fading over a long time. If customers need short advertising time and do not need high-end, then they can choose KT board advertising.

However,the price, material and weight of the two boards are obviously several times worse. As a matter of fact, KT board (foam board) is a foam board with inner foam and a PVC veneer on the outside, which is very light weight and cheap. Because the heart is too soft (the foam collapses as soon as it is compressed), it is not suitable for making complex model buildings. Of course, it can be done with caution, but the effect is not as good as that of PVC foam board. PVC foam board is also called Chevron board. It uses PVC as the inner core for foaming, and the outside is also PVC veneer. Due to its high density and weight, it is 3-4 times heavier than KT board. Of course, the price is 3-4 times more expensive. High, good PVC foam board can't be pinched with fingers, it is more appropriate to use this to make model buildings

Chevron board can be UV printed directly on the board. The color of the printed picture is bright. Chevron board has good hardness and high grade. Chevron board is comparable to wood, and can be sawed, planed, nailed, and sticky. , Also has special features such as no deformation, no cracking, no need to paint (there are many colors to choose from).

To sum up, compared with the KT board, the PVC board far exceeds the KT board in price and use. When using two materials, you should not only consider the price but also the Permanence, and try to choose a cost-effective product. Everyone knows the characteristics and uses of the two products, and it is recommended that in actual life, you choose the product that suits you.