Advantages And Characteristics Of PVC Co- Extruded Foam Board

PVC  Co- Extruded foam board is extruded, the surface hardness is very high, it is difficult to produce scratches, the surface is smooth, and it has a certain mirror effect. It is widely used in decoration, architecture, etc.


1.Waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, mothproof, light weight, heat preservation, sound insulation and shock absorption

2. Same processing as wood, and the processing performance is far better than wood

3. Light quality, convenient construction, can be welded and folded, heated and bent.

4. The surface of the skinning board is very smooth, high hardness, not easy to have scratches. It is often used for making cabinets, furniture, etc

5. Dampproof, fire and bedbug proof! Acid resistance, alkali resistance and aging resistance! The product has good stability, smooth and clean surface, no gap, no bubble, no hole, no hiding place, solid body, acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, moisture-proof, fire-proof and anti bedbug ~ moth! Durable for more than 10 years. No harm to human body, tasteless, instead of easy to live insects not durable wood.