How to choose PVC Co-extrusion board

The PVC co-extruded film used in the PVC co-extruded board is a more professional vacuum laminator. At a higher temperature, 110 degrees is attached to the surface of the board, and it is not easy to fall off. PVC co-extruded board does not need to be treated with paint, and it cannot be painted out, because its surface is too smooth, and paint and impurities cannot be adsorbed on its surface. The use of PVC co-extruded boards for packaging furniture or kitchen appliances is very suitable. Since PVC co-extruded board has unparalleled advantages, what aspects do you need to consider when choosing PVC coextruded board?

1> consider the advantages and features of the product

The PVC co-extruded sheet itself is an advanced sheet that combines various advantages and characteristics. Therefore, when choosing, users need to keep their eyes open to see if the selected coextruded sheet can meet their own requirements. Check whether the various PVC inspection reports have reached the country. Standard environmental requirements.

2> consider the size of the company

A high-quality PVC co-extruded board must be produced by a professional co-extruded board manufacturer. The company has various panel and board professional researchers and can design PVC co-extruded board thicknesses suitable for various industries. Only the manufacturers can carry out mass production to meet the needs of users.

3> consider the price

Co-extruded PVC boards with reasonable prices will be more popular with users. Although coextruded boards are a high-quality board, they occupy a very important position in the process of use. Therefore, many manufacturers will raise the market price at will. Multiple parties need to be compared when choosing PVC coextruded boards, so it is more cost-effective to choose coextruded boards at reasonable prices

4> Consider market awareness

PVC co-extruded board is very high in the market, so it will be selected by all walks of life. Users can choose a reputable PVC co-extruded board through various market reputation and popularity. Brand awareness is also a manifestation of quality. The higher the popularity, the more users there are, and it is worth choosing and using.